ABC – As Easy as 123!

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, now I know my ABCs, next time won’t Stikii sing with me!?
































You bet we will sing with you! Stikii absolutely loves the Alphabet Song; it is such a great way to help kids learn their letters. After all, everything sounds better in a song, does it not? This is just one of the many reasons that Stikii has decided to introduce a brand new line of Stik-em accessories!

If you have “liked” us on Facebook, you have probably noticed all of the fun and quirky things we have been doing lately to jazz up our Stikiis. We have been spelling just about anything and everything on pairs of Stikiis, whether it be for our customers, a part of Stikiis business strategy, in celebration of a holiday or frankly just because we thought it would look good.  


So, if you haven’t guessed it yet, our new line of Stik-ems includes all of the letters in the English alphabet, from “A” all the way to “Z”. The line also consists of the numbers 1-9. You can use these Stik-ems to show off your name, your favorite team, even your favorite player’s jersey number! Perhaps you are an avid Detroit Tigers baseball fan and your favorite player is Miguel Cabrera? Maybe you are going to the next home game and want to show your support? On one shoe, using our line of letters, you could attach the Stik-ems so that they spell out “T-I-G-E-R-S” on one shoe, and design the other shoe to read “2-4”! There would be no doubt in our mind that you are a #1 fan! Check out what we did here for Toledo’s own Muddy the Mud Hen:



Stikii has also been using this new line of Stik-ems to support other local businesses and communicate messages to our audience.  Joe Chew, founder and owner of Stikii, also owns the local Computer Discount stores. We spelled it out for him here:



We also thought this was a fun way to introduce the Stikii team to our fans!  We love our Stikii team!!



At the Mud Hen’s home opener, we had the pleasure of meeting the team from Spicy Tuna Sushi Bar & Grill. We liked them so much that we even made them their own personalized pair of shoes!



Everyone loves the Ellen DeGeneres show right? If you do, you know how much Ellen loves to put her name on things… why not a pair of Stikiis that spells out “E-L-L-E-N” with our new Alphabet and Numbers Stik-em series??



We even wished Suri Cruise a very happy 6th birthday!! Don’t forget her mom is a Toledo native!



Whatever you choose to spell, our new Stik-ems can do it for you. Our Stik-em family would also like to welcome the new Chew Bear, FrogTown and butterfly Stik-ems to our offerings.

Chew Bear





Not only is the new line of Stik-ems FUN, but they are educational as well! Learning the Alphabet is fundamental for learning to read, and knowing their numbers will help children in learning to count and do math problems. Without firm knowledge of letters, children may have difficulty with other aspects of early literacy!

Alphabet knowledge includes shape recognition, letter name knowledge, letter sound knowledge and the ability to print letters. The National Household Education Survey shows that slightly over half of children age 4 could recognize some or all letters, based on parent’s reports. Letter knowledge is a great way to give your child a head start in reading and spelling, but it doesn’t fall solely on the teacher to educate them. Parents play a big part in their child’s learning as well.

How can you help your child to learn the alphabet? Incorporate letters-of-the-week into routines, use mnemonic devices, read them alphabet books and teach them how to spell and recognize their first names, to name a few. Or perhaps, the use of Alphabet Stik-ems.

These Stik-ems closely relate to the ever-so-popular magnet letters that adorn the refrigerators of many American families. These magnets are used to help children to identify letter shapes, teaching sounds, spelling and reading. Well, the Alphabet Stik-ems do the same thing, only they “stik” to the child’s shoe so that you can take them everywhere with you, thus the opportunity to teach and educate is always there. Talk about convenient!

The following lists some creative ways to teach your child the alphabet (thanks to

  1. Make a homemade alphabet book together with your child
  2. Play the ABC game when you drive somewhere (have your child identify letters on billboards, license plates, signs, etc.)
  3. Sing the Alphabet Song often
  4. Play the Alphabet Memory Game (have your child match the capital letter with the corresponding lowercase letter using flashcards)
  5. Make alphabet cookies
  6. Make an alphabet photo collage
  7. Play the “A is for apple” game (“B is for boy”, “C is for cat” and so on…….)
  8. Play alphabet bingo!
  9. Use Stik-em accessories!
    1. Have your child spell a different word every day that begins with a different letter of the alphabet
    2. Use the Stik-ems to help your child spell their name
    3. Stick different letters on their shoe and have them tell their friends what each letter is and sounds like
    4. Place a letter like “T” on one shoe with a corresponding Stik-em like “Tiana Turtle”
    5. SO MANY MORE WAYS… is up to you, parents and guardians!!


Interested in adding these to your collection (we know you are)? Well here is some more information to help you out:

–          Price of each letter/number in our new Stik-em series is $1.99 (these are sold individually)

–          Entire set of A-Z is $29.00 (it will save you a bundle to buy the set, msrp of is $52.00!)

–          Set of numbers 0-9 retails at only $8.99

–          Chew Bear, FrogTown and the new butterfly are priced at $1.99 apiece




Look for these new Stik-ems on our e-commerce website or stop into our showroom to purchase them today! These new Stik-ems are also available at our participating Stride-Rite locations. Look for the packages below on their shelves!



We will let you in on a little secret as well…….shhhhhhhhh!!

::::24 new and colorful designs will be coming in early May::::


By the way, Team Stikii even made a special pair of Stikiis for ME, their blogger!!