Shoes in our Hands, Shoes on YOUR Feet

Loyal fans, we have the shoes!! Our much anticipated first round shoe shipment arrived recently to our Toledo showroom and they are ready to adorn the feet of our valued customers. The shoes, which range in size from 10 to 3, will be available for sale at our showroom (this date is TBD, but we are aiming toward January 1, 2012 for our Grand Opening) as well as on our Internet e-commerce site. Colo... »

Stikii Shoes: A Few “Steps” Closer to Home

Good news Stikii fans! Our shipment of Stikii shoes (in 8 fun colors) is en route to its final destination – our Stikii Showroom in Toledo, Ohio.  It has been quite an adventure for Stikii taking the shoes from concept to design and then on to manufacture, and a fun one at that! The shoe shipment is currently processing in the Windy City (Chicago) where they will soon depart on the last 4 ho... »

Shop Stikii Shoes NOW!!

It’s here! The moment you, our fans, have all been waiting for.  Today, December 1, 2011, Stikii shoes and Stik-em accessories are officially available for pre-sale in the United States and around the world. For those of you who are new to Stikii, and just for a refresher to our avid followers, we would like to recap what exactly it is that you can expect from us. Stikii is a designer, manufacture... »

No More Shoe “Blues”! Hello Bubbly and Brilliant!

Please put your hands together for Brilliant Blue and Bubbly Blue! These Stikii’s are sure to eliminate your shoe “blues” because they are both such lively and happy shades. Brilliant blue is the darker of the two while Bubbly is bright and, well, bubbly! You can’t go wrong with either pair! Brilliant Blue Brilliant Blue is smart as a whip; he is great with riddles and givi... »

Think Pink!

Stikii would like to introduce to you our two similar, yet very different, pink colored shoes. Please join us in welcoming Powerful Pink and Peaceful Pink to the Stikii family. Powerful Pink is a darker and more vibrant shade of pink and Peaceful Pink is a lighter and softer shade. We can assure you that both are equally stylish and comfortable!   Powerful Pink Powerful Pink is an inspiration... »

Righteous Red, it’s Your Turn to Shine!

Stikii would like to give Righteous Red a place in the spotlight! For all of the good this shoe does, it is well deserved! Righteous Red Righteous Red believes in doing what is right, using bold words rather than starting a fight. Honest, moral and good to the sole, and always willing to play the hero. Righteous tells the truth and never takes the blame, be true to your feet and do the same!  ... »

Groovy Green takes the Stage!

Stop the music and gather ’round, there is a new shoe in town! Please hold your applause for Groovy Green!   Groovy Green Groovy Green is cooler than cool, always calm and collected and never a fool. One that is fashionable and hip to the latest trends and always sporting the latest Stik-ems. This pair loves funky music and dancing to the beat, we bet you will look good with these on yo... »

Welcome Busy Brown!

We are so thankful that Busy Brown could take some time out of his  hectic day to introduce himself to the world of Stikii! We are sure that the kids will absolutely love him! Busy Brown Busy Brown is a busy shoe; his calendar is always filled with things to do. Like brushing his teeth or cleaning his room, doing his homework or making costumes. Not a day to spare in the entire year, we promise th... »

Allow us to introduce: Playful Purple

Playful Purple Playful Purple is full of life and has pulled some great pranks once or twice. You will often find Purple in a fit of giggles, laughing so hard the whole shoe wiggles! A shoe that’s lively and spirited and enjoyably fun,  if you like silly jokes then this shoe is the one!     This post is the first of many introducing our new and fun shoe colors. Each color showcased will be a... »

Stikii: Under Construction

With the Stikii Shoe launch date just around the corner, our guess is that you are wondering where you will be able to purchase this fabulous footwear.  The locally owned, Toledo-based footwear company has a few options currently under construction to be used for shoe sales this coming holiday season. The first option (a very convenient one) would be for interested customers to visit our e-commerc... »

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