The Creature in the Tree

Chew Bear is a rare, magical creature who serves as the mascot for Stikii Shoes. Chew Bear is a friend to all and is devoted to his life-long mission of traveling the world in search of new Stik-ems to share with children everywhere. He makes us laugh, he makes us happy and most of all, he helps us to dream big. This is the story of how that wonderful individual arrived on this earth many years ag... »

Meet Chew Bear!

Chew Bear. That is the name of Stikii’s fabulous mascot and long-time friend.  For months the Stikii team was anxiously anticipating Chew Bear’s grand debut into the lives of our fans. Chew Bear is very sneaky and sly, he would not let the team in on his idea until the last minute when he decided that he would jump out of an airplane thousands of feet into the air and land right amidst our 4th of ... »

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