Chew Bear Gives Thanks!

During the weeks that followed his birthday, Chew Bear and his class started to become very excited for the upcoming holidays. So much so that Chew Bear barely had time to think about his past! He did have a chance to leaf through “The Invisible Island” and noticed something strange….on the very last page, which had been blank before, there was now a picture of some shiny gold arrows pointing away... »

Happy Birthday Chew Bear!

Shortly after Chew Bears visit at the shelter, he was reminded by his parents that his birthday was coming up. In all reality, his parents had no idea if October 28th was the real date of Chew Bears birth, but it was the day they had found him and adopted him so in their hearts and minds it was his birthday. So, every year since he came into their lives, Chacha and Chaka have tried their best to m... »

Chew Bear Helps Out!

After Chew Bear had finished explaining himself, Chaka and Chacha gazed at him with amazed expressions smattered across their faces. They were quite sure what to think! An invisible island? Time traveling? Magic? It all seemed too farfetched yet, their son seemed so convinced in its reality! However, they realized how important believing in this was to Chew Bear and could not dismiss the idea alto... »

The Sailor’s Story

When Chew Bear returned home from the art show, he snuck away to his room and brought out the envelope he had found hidden within the frame of his painting. He traced the symbol with his paw and thought how strange it was that someone else would know about it. After contemplating for a few minutes as to whether or not he should show the envelope to his parents, Chew Bear tore it open and pulled ou... »

Every Painting tells a Story

When Chew Bear finished his painting, he was out of breath and dizzy. He sat down and wiped his eyes. Finally he looked up at the canvas and was taken aback by what he saw. Spread out before him was a detailed, and very pretty, painting of an island shaped like an “S”. It almost resembled a map because the design was so intricate that you could see things like trees, rocks, rivers, huts and more. ... »

Paint What You See….

Since joining the soccer team, Chew Bear had all but forgotten his issues surrounding his past. The fact that he knew little to nothing about his life before Chaka and Chacha no longer ate away at him. He was enjoying the present. His soccer team was winning games left and right and his nights were filled with homework. Any spare moment Chew Bear could find was spent with his family and friends. R... »

Chew Bear Scores a Goal!

After returning home from the library, Chew Bear must have re-read the “The Invisible Island” dozens of times. For several weeks he thought and thought and thought, trying to remember where he had seen the symbol before and what his flashback had meant. However, Chew Bear was unsuccessful at uncovering any more details into his past. Chacha had noticed that for the past couple of months, Chew Bear... »

If Books could Talk

The Toledo Public Library was larger than most of the neighborhood libraries that one might imagine. It was giant and white, with large columns in the front; it resembled the government buildings that Chew Bear had learned about in school. He thought that it was magnificent.  He just knew that in some way, shape or form this building of knowledge would hold the answers to what he was looking for. ... »

Teacher’s Pet

Just a few blocks from Chaka and Chacha’s hut, down a beautiful tree-lined street, stood a quaint little school house. It was one of those red school houses with a bell tower and a playground – the kind you always read about but never really see in the average town. The exterior was all brick, with 2 stories of tiny windows and big double doors at the front entrance. Trees and flowers made the sch... »

Home Sweet Toledo

After a short, but lovely, sailing trip the new family docked their boat on the shores of the Maumee River, right amidst downtown Toledo, Ohio. This was to be Chew Bears new home with his new parents.  Chew Bear’s mouth dropped open in awe when he saw the tall buildings, the giant bridges and all of the people on the docks. Then and there he decided that someday he would fly above those buildings ... »

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