Chew Bear Helps Out!

After Chew Bear had finished explaining himself, Chaka and Chacha gazed at him with amazed expressions smattered across their faces. They were quite sure what to think! An invisible island? Time traveling? Magic? It all seemed too farfetched yet, their son seemed so convinced in its reality!

However, they realized how important believing in this was to Chew Bear and could not dismiss the idea altogether. Instead, they decided that they would accept that Chew Bear believed in Stikii Island and even promised him that they would help him find out the truth about his past, one way or another. After all, Chew Bear was not their biological child and he had to have come from somewhere special, considering his features, right? Together, as a family, they would explore Chew Bear’s ideas and visions in order to help him understand who he is.

Unfortunately for Chew Bear, this adventure would not start right away. There was still the matter that he had told a lie and met with a stranger in secret. A lesson still needed to be taught. Rather than punish Chew Bear by grounding him, or taking away his paint brush, Chacha and Chaka thought it would be more beneficial to have Chew Bear do something good for the community. He would volunteer in effort to make up for his poor decisions and in turn, help people in need!

The following weekend, Chew Bear headed downtown with his parents to a local Soup Kitchen, where he would serve hot meals to the less fortunate. Chew Bear donned his hair net and latex gloves and set to serve hot mashed potatoes onto paper plates. Easy peasy, he thought! This was going to be way better than be grounded!

As the homeless began to file in, just around noon, Chew Bear was hit hard with the fact that there were just SO many of them! How could there be so many people without homes or hot food to eat in his own town? In his own neighborhood even? Chew Bear then imagined that he would be in the same situation had Chaka and Chacha not found him that fateful day on Stikii Island. Some of them didn’t even have shoes on their feet. SHOES!!!

It was at that moment that Chew Bear decided he would devote his life (now and in the future) to providing shoes to children. Whether it is a homeless child or a kid getting ready to go back to school, everyone deserved a pair of shoes on their feet. There was just something about SHOES that really appealed to Chew Bear, it was like a calling almost!

Chew Bear spent the rest of the day serving food and talking with people. He really liked the feeling of helping others, it made him feel warm and happy. As he left the shelter and waved goodbye to the other volunteers, he knew he would be back, and he knew that it would be soon.

When he returned home, he gathered Chaka and Chacha in a giant hug and told them how truly thankful he was to have them in his life. He was thankful for the shelter of his bedroom, for their love, and for the shoes on his feet. He promised to tell the truth and to help others more often. Chacha and Chaka were so proud of Chew Bear that they decided it was time to help him uncover his past.

To be continued…….