6 Reasons You Won’t Regret Sending Your Child Back to School in Stikiis

Back to school shopping is just a few weeks away and you know what that means: trying to find the balance between practical

Stikii Back to School Shoes

Going back to school in style.

and “cool” with your very strong-headed, very opinionated children. We’ve been there, done that – and we’ll be right there with you to do it again this 2014-2015 school year. However, we’re hoping that with Stikii as an option, we’ll be able to save you a little bit of trouble…at least in the shoe department.

Stikii Shoes are the perfect back to school shoe – one that parents and kids can agree on. If you’re hesitant (and rightly so, because it is difficult to find a fun shoe that’s also great for school), check out the top 6 reasons parents and kids love their Stikiis:

1.    Our Heart’s in the Right Place

Stikii values and emphasizes health, education, safety, creativity, expression and fun. That being said, we wouldn’t sell a product that didn’t encourage all 6 of those elements and then some.

2.    They’re a “Year Round” Shoe

It’s risky to claim that a shoe can be worn year round, but when it comes to Stikiis, it’s 100% true. Stikii shoes were made to endure the elements and to withstand the rigorous activities that children generally participate in. They’re perfect for everything from riding bikes to playing tag during recess at school.

3.    They’re a Protective Shoe

Stikii Shoes were designed to protect the foot not only from everyday use, but from hazardous objects, typical casualties such as stubbing our toes, and from tripping while running, walking, skipping or playing sports. They also prevent blisters around the ankles and heels.

4.    They’re a Shoe for Everybody

Stikiis are a great shoe for the artist, the rebel, the athlete and the scholar. They’re also great for children with special foot ware needs, such as those who live with spina bifida, as they fit comfortably around leg braces.

5.    They Inspire Creativity

Stikii Shoes are all about letting kids decorate their foot ware however they want to. Our shoes become an outlet for a child’s personality, and can actually help to strengthen creative and critical thinking skills.

6.    Stikiis Let Kids Be Kids 

While we do want our children to “look presentable” in school and at social gatherings etc., Stikii Shoes give children the freedom to express themselves everyday, and for every occasion – while still maintaining a put-together appearance. Also, because they are a safe shoe, children can play their little hearts out without their parents worrying (too much!) about them getting hurt.

Stikii Shoes are the perfect shoe to send your little one back to school in. They’ll love them, you’ll love them and, best of all, they’ll love you for them! For more reasons to choose Stikii, visit www.stikii.com.

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