New Year, New Team, New Endeavors at Stikii!

With the first month of 2013 coming to a close Stikii has made some changes set to put us on the fast track to a fantastic year. 2012 saw us break into the children’s shoe market and offer consumers a product that is not only comfortable and ultra-lightweight, but fun and unique. There really is no other shoe on the market that is comparable to our Stikiis and Stik-em accessories.  Stikii products... »

Happy Anniversary Stikii!

December 2012 marks Stikii’s one-year anniversary of being in the shoe business, and oh what a year it has been! The past 365+ days have been a whirlwind of excitement, shoe sales, surprise and gratitude. So much has happened and we have so very much to be thankful for. In celebration of this milestone, we thought we would take a look back at the last 12 months (and those leading up to it) and ref... »

Chew Bear Gives Thanks!

During the weeks that followed his birthday, Chew Bear and his class started to become very excited for the upcoming holidays. So much so that Chew Bear barely had time to think about his past! He did have a chance to leaf through “The Invisible Island” and noticed something strange….on the very last page, which had been blank before, there was now a picture of some shiny gold arrows pointing away... »

‘Tis the Season For Giving – Giving Away Shoes That Is!

Stikii Inc., of Toledo, Ohio, spent the past several months running a shoe drive aimed at collecting new and gently worn shoes for local northwest Ohio residents. Their goal: To accumulate 1,000 pairs of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes to be donated to those in need of warm feet. And boy did they surpass that goal! Stikii began its First Annual Shoe Drive this past summer after realizing just ... »

Happy Birthday Chew Bear!

Shortly after Chew Bears visit at the shelter, he was reminded by his parents that his birthday was coming up. In all reality, his parents had no idea if October 28th was the real date of Chew Bears birth, but it was the day they had found him and adopted him so in their hearts and minds it was his birthday. So, every year since he came into their lives, Chacha and Chaka have tried their best to m... »

Fun Fests: Toledo Summer Festivals 2012

It is festival season here in Toledo, Ohio and Stikii could not be more excited and proud to be a part of a city with so much culture and history! If you are lucky enough to be in Northwest Ohio during the summertime, you are probably aware of the many festivals held throughout the season. It seems that not a weekend passes without one street festival or another for locals and tourists to attend. ... »

A Red, White, and Shoe Thank You

Stikii’s 4th of July shoe drive extravaganza was all fireworks, flags and shoes! The Red, White, and Shoe event that served as the kick-off for Stikii’s first shoe drive was the talk of the town last week. High humidity and sweltering heat of approximately 100 degrees couldn’t keep Stikii fans away. We would like to thank all of our friends and fans who made it down to The Docks this past Independ... »

Happy Independence Day!

It is the 4th of July AKA Independence Day in the United States of America – a day to celebrate our freedom, to support our troops and count our blessings. It is a day to show pride for our country and to remember how our Founding Fathers fought for liberty over two centuries ago.   The tradition of July 4th dates back to the American Revolution. In June 1776, representatives from the 13 colonies ... »

Red, White and SHOE!

“Ohhhhh say can you see”…..a Stikii Independence Day event coming your way!?! Yes, that’s right; Stikii is throwing a giant 4th of July bash for YOU, our loyal fans and customers. On Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Stikii Shoe Company kicks of its first ever Annual Red, White and Shoe Drive. The event will take place in downtown Toledo, Ohio at The Docks in International Park along the Maumee River. The D... »

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