A Red, White, and Shoe Thank You

Stikii’s 4th of July shoe drive extravaganza was all fireworks, flags and shoes! The Red, White, and Shoe event that served as the kick-off for Stikii’s first shoe drive was the talk of the town last week. High humidity and sweltering heat of approximately 100 degrees couldn’t keep Stikii fans away. We would like to thank all of our friends and fans who made it down to The Docks this past Independence Day; your support means a lot to us! For those of you who were unable to stop by, here is a play-by-play of the day’s activities.

The Stikii crew had one extremely busy 4th of July morning. A great deal of hard work and effort went into ensuring that the event was set up accordingly and would go off without a hitch.  After setting up the tent and display area where the festivities would take place, the group headed down to Chew Bear’s landing site to set up the target landing zone for our special skydiving presentation. Orange cones were used designate the area where the mascot aimed to land (the cones made the zone more visible from up in the clouds).

Next, the team was able to meet with one of its sponsors, Toledo Tees. Toledo Tees provided t-shirts for Stikii team members and also created the t-shirts that were handed out, free, during the event. The t-shirts were a great way to promote our cause! Right around this time a crowd started to form outside of the Stikii tent. People couldn’t wait to find out what all of the commotion was about! We began handing out the t-shirts and explaining to the guests what Stikii shoes are and about our shoe drive.

As the day progressed, the sky began to display signs of a potential storm, and boy was it HOT! The Stikii team crossed their fingers that the storm would hold off – if it began to storm it would jeopardize the jump of our skydiver out of the plane! As the weather continued to change, the Stikii crew continued their activities (after all, the show must go on!), entertaining attendees and trying to keep their minds off of the heat. The kids really seemed to enjoy playing with/trying on Stikii shoes and decorating them with Stik-em accessories. They were such a tremendous hit! Music played from the nearby restaurants, which kept the mood happy and carefree. We even offered up free ice cream to attendees to help them beat the heat!


Later in the day, the team was informed that the jump was to be delayed by at least fifteen minutes. The threat of the storm may cause our special event to be cancelled! But don’t worry – the winds died down long enough for Chew Bear to make his debut! As the plane emerged from the clouds, the Stikii team pointed out its location to the event guests. Their faces were full of delight as they waited for something BIG to happen. As the plane began circling in preparation for Chew Bear’s jump, the storm began to pick up force. Chew Bear took a leap into the air and dove from a height of over 5,000 feet into the Toledo sky! As Chew Bear made his journey from airplane to landing zone, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. It was quite the spectacle. The crowd’s eyes were locked on this remarkable flying mascot. They held their breath, just waiting to see what would happen next……

“The Jump” <——–watch this video of “The Jump”!!


To the amazement of the bystanders, the Miraculous Chew Bear landed safely on target. And just like that, the storm hit! It was as though the storm waited just long enough for Chew Bear to make his grand entrance. The storm blew over pretty quickly, lasting approximately 15 minutes (just in time for the firework display). Chew Bear made his way to our event tent and met with various children and their parents.  He even allowed for an interview with his skydiving instructor! Many pictures were taken and a lot of swag was given away for free to our very special visitors, including t-shirts and key chains. Check out the Chew Bear interview here —-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UcXQuOoumc

The event came to a close with the fireworks show of the Toledo Red, White and Kaboom celebration. The Stikii team, Chew Bear and all of the guests really enjoyed the show. Right around 10,000 people showed up to the Red, White and Kaboom fest, and many of them made their way over to our tent! All in all, the event was a huge success and we can’t wait to see the impact it has on Stikii’s Red, White and Shoe Drive!

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, our shoe drive goal is to collect over 1,000 pairs of new and/or gently worn shoes for men, women and children in the Toledo area. From now until Labor Day, September 3, 2012, donated shoes can be dropped off at any Computer Discount, Stikii or Chuck E. Cheese locations in Toledo (see addresses below).

Stikii, Inc.

5844 West Central Avenue, Toledo, OH

(419) 720-8322


Computer Discount

1705 West Laskey Road, Toledo, OH
(419) 475-9888


5858 West Central Avenue, Toledo, OH

(419) 536-8896


3945 Secor Road, Toledo, OH

(419) 724-4888


2701 Woodville Road, Northwood, OH

(419) 693-8866


701 Conant Street, Maumee, OH

(419) 897-2897 ‎



Chuck E. Cheese

5077 Monroe Street, Toledo, OH

(419) 841-9133


We cannot do this without the help of our fans! Show your pride and donate some shoes today!


Check out our album below to see who got a chance to meet Chew Bear!