At Stikii, We Say It’s Okay to Let Kids Dress Themselves

dress themselves

Let kids be kids

Polka dots and stripes. Tutus and superhero capes. Pink paired with green and purple with yellow.


When you let your children dress themselves, there is no end to the colorful and wacky combinations you’ll get. As a parent myself, I’ve seen it all. Yet, while the first tendency is to tell your bedecked child that no, you can’t go to the grocery store in a Hello Kitty shirt, Minnie Mouse skirt, striped tights and polka dotted rain boots, stop for a minute and think about what kind of message this refusal is sending: That it’s okay to be yourself, but not in public. Isn’t this the exact kind of thinking we’re trying to eliminate from society entirely?


Why It’s Important to Let Kids Be Themselves


While right now it may not seem like a big deal to ask your child to dress appropriately, at Stikii, we like to think in the long-term.


A child that is allowed to pick out his or her own outfit demonstrates higher levels of self-esteem and confidence than those that aren’t. This is because by letting your child pick out their outfit, you are essentially telling them, “Hey, I trust and respect your decisions, whether I agree with them or not.” This kind of respect fills young children with a sense of accomplishment. In their minds, they’re thinking, “Oh boy, I just completed a job that normally Mom and/or Dad does!” That’s big stuff for a kid!


A child that learns about positive reinforcement early on will continue to seek out new ways to earn the respect of their parents, teachers and even friends. Eventually, these very children will become leaders, with a firm stance on what they believe in – they’ll become individuals with strong convictions and even a stronger sense of who they are. And in a day and age when “finding yourself” is some peoples’ life’s mission, this is something to be celebrated.


At Stikii, we believe in giving children the freedom to be themselves, because we know that when we do, we’re raising one heck of a strong-willed generation.



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