How to Find the Right Fitting Shoe for Your Child

Here’s the thing with kid shoes: you can look at the and think, “Oh, those are nice!” You can have your kids walk around in them and ask them, “do those feel comfortable?” You can have the shoe attendant measure their foot, and you can press on their big toes when they’re standing up to see if the shoe fits. But no matter how many different ways you have of testing the fit, you’ll never really kno... »

At Stikii, We Say It’s Okay to Let Kids Dress Themselves

Polka dots and stripes. Tutus and superhero capes. Pink paired with green and purple with yellow.   When you let your children dress themselves, there is no end to the colorful and wacky combinations you’ll get. As a parent myself, I’ve seen it all. Yet, while the first tendency is to tell your bedecked child that no, you can’t go to the grocery store in a Hello Kitty shirt, Minnie Mouse skir... »

Spineabifida Doesn’t Have to Stop Your Child From Having Fun

Stephanie is 11 years old. She loves to go swimming, swing on the swing set and play with her friends. She has big dreams about going to college, becoming an oceanographer and studying ocean life so that she can better learn how to protect it. Her parents are very supportive of her dreams and they take her on boating expeditions and to aquariums all the time.   Like you, Stephanie has a lot o... »

Heat Safety Awareness

With temperatures rising it is very important to stay safe in the summer heat. Making sure that you are prepared is important to us at Stikii Shoes. Here are some tips for you and your loved ones that will help them stay cool and safe. Keep your home, office, and car cool. Pull down your blinds to help keep the sun from shining it. The sun will warm up a home and make your air conditioning work ov... »

Foot Health & Safety Awareness

The month of April is recognized as National Foot Health Awareness month in the United States. In celebration of this, Stikii will focus some of their upcoming blogs on tips and information to help you keep your feet healthy and safe. After all, we only get one pair of feet, so they must last us a lifetime! According to the American Podiatric medical Association (APMA), most Americans log an astou... »

How Do Our Feet Function?

The human body is like a complex machine, there are hundreds of different bones, muscles, joints and systems that must work together to help us function properly. Many of these elements team up to allow us to perform even the most simple actions, such as brushing ones hair, scratching an itch or jumping over a puddle. When most people think of the more complex functions of the human body, they oft... »

Backpacks, Books & Stikiis!

Within the next week or two, children across the country will return to their routines of waking up early, packing lunches, gathering books and heading out the door for the 2012-2013 school year. Can you believe that summer flew by so fast? I know we can’t! This blog intends to focus on getting those kids back to school on the right foot this year – and in the right mindset as well! Going back to ... »

Team USA and Team Stikii

The 2012 London Olympic Games are upon us! Stikii just LOVES a good competition, and the Olympics top their list of all-time favorite competitive events. It is wonderful to watch the United States work together toward a common goal while forming strong bonds and promoting positive messages for the nation’s youth – not unlike how we do things here at Stikii. The Olympic Games date as far back... »

Let There be Shoes!!

The first pair of shoes originated long before any one of us cares to remember and longer than any person can prove. The first historic physical evidence of foot coverings dates back to the Ice Age and comes in the form of cave paintings circa 8000 BCE. These primitive times required humans mass amounts of outdoor activity such as hunting and foraging which often required running and climbing over... »

ABC – As Easy as 123!

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, now I know my ABCs, next time won’t Stikii sing with me!?                                                               You bet we will sing with you! Stikii absolutely loves the Alphabet Song; it is such a great way to he... »

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