Heat Safety Awareness

PhotoGrid_1401478447100With temperatures rising it is very important to stay safe in the summer heat. Making sure that you are prepared is important to us at Stikii Shoes. Here are some tips for you and your loved ones that will help them stay cool and safe.

  • Keep your home, office, and car cool. Pull down your blinds to help keep the sun from shining it. The sun will warm up a home and make your air conditioning work overtime. If you do not have air conditioning, open up your windows to help the air circulate. You can even use fans to blow hot air out of your home on days that are 95 plus degrees.

  • Drink plenty of water! Becoming dehydrated is easier than you think. In summer months it is important to drink more water than you usually do. Do not wait until you become thirsty. If your kids love to run and play make sure that they are staying hydrated as well.

  • Wear lightweight clothes. Heavy clothes can cause you to heat up very quickly and retain the heat. Dress yourself and your children in lightweight, loose-fitting, and light colored clothing. You can even add a hat or carry an umbrella.

  • Wear Sunscreen. Even on hot cloudy days. The suns rays are stronger than you think. Wearing sunscreen will not hinder you getting sun. It just helps to protect from harmful rays. Make sure that you keep your kids covered in sunblock. Sunburns are no fun for anyone.

  • Take a cool shower or go for a swim! If you start to feel overheated a great way to cool down is by taking a cool shower or go swimming. Floating around in the pool is a good way to cool off and have fun with your kids. Remember the sunscreen!

  • Do not leave children, pets, or those with disabilities in the car. Even if you are going to be in the store or post office for a short amount of time. The temperatures outside can become very dangerous even within minutes. Even if you have the windows cracked the temperature inside the car can increase up to 40 degrees within 10 to 20 minutes.

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For additional tips and information on heat related illness and symptoms visit http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/heat/index.shtml.

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