Happy Birthday Chew Bear!

Shortly after Chew Bears visit at the shelter, he was reminded by his parents that his birthday was coming up. In all reality, his parents had no idea if October 28th was the real date of Chew Bears birth, but it was the day they had found him and adopted him so in their hearts and minds it was his birthday. So, every year since he came into their lives, Chacha and Chaka have tried their best to make Chew Bear feel extra special and loved on his “birthday”.

Now that Chew Bear was old enough, Chaka and Chacha decided that he could invite his friends from school over for a birthday party. His parents even asked him to create a special painting to be used as invitations for the party. Chew Bear thought long and hard about what to paint, and in the end decided on a forest filled with bright green trees. Chaka and Chacha then had the painting copied and created into over a dozen beautiful, custom made invitations that Chew Bear handed out to all of his classmates the week before the party.

Days before the party he heard his friends talking and discussing the party, and about what sort of gifts they should get Chew Bear. He tried not to listen because he loved surprises, but he couldn’t help but notice one classmate, Johnny, sitting in the corner with his arms folded. Chew Bear asked him what was wrong and he told Chew Bear in a less than happy tone, that he never gets gifts on his birthday or a party because his parents could not afford it. It wasn’t fair!

Chew Bear thought long and hard about this, and it really wasn’t fair! Why should he get all the gifts while the others got none on his birthday? When he got home that night he discussed it with his parents. They decided that Chew Bear could decide on one special gift to give all of his friends at the party – and he knew right away exactly what it would be!

When the day of the party rolled around his friends arrived and they played games, swam in the river and ate cake and ice cream! When the time for Chew Bear to open gifts came around, he stood up in front of his guests and cleared his throat.

“I have a special announcement to make, “ Chew Bear stated, “This year I will be donating all of my gifts to the local homeless shelter downtown, and in return for your generosity, I have a special gift for each of you!”

Chacha appeared with a cart full of gifts wrapped in bright green wrapping paper. Chew Bear handed one to each guest and watched anxiously as they opened the boxes. They “OOed” and “AHHed” as they each unveiled a pair of shoes unique to their own personality. The guests were stunned – this was the best party ever! Chew Bear had had a hunch that shoes could be a fun gift if they were personalized for each person. What a hit!

At the end of the day each of Chew Bears friends personally thanked him for the wonderful day and the great gifts. After the final guest left, Chew Bear noticed one small package still on the counter that had not been delivered with the rest of the gifts. Chaka and Chacha told Chew Bear to go ahead and open it – one gift wouldn’t hurt!

Chew Bear unwrapped the package to find a puzzle. He got straight to work putting it together. When he had finished, the puzzle had created an image of Chaka and Chacha holding Chew Bear on an “S” shaped island, under a giant tree. Chew Bear looked up at his parents and they smiled and nodded yes – they believed he was from Stikii Island. And at that very moment, as Chew Bear looked at the puzzle once more, he had a strong instinct that everything he had found, learned, seen, and drawn so far were pieces to the “puzzle” that was his past and heritage…..

To be continued.

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Stikii founder and creator Joe Chew!!