New Year, New Team, New Endeavors at Stikii!

With the first month of 2013 coming to a close Stikii has made some changes set to put us on the fast track to a fantastic year. 2012 saw us break into the children’s shoe market and offer consumers a product that is not only comfortable and ultra-lightweight, but fun and unique. There really is no other shoe on the market that is comparable to our Stikiis and Stik-em accessories.  Stikii products are currently transitioning from the introductory to the growth stage of the product life cycle, which means it is time to amp things up. This year, Stikii has big plans to mold and shape our product to serve the needs and wants of several demographics, while Stikii to our same brilliant design.
Our current customers include children ages 2-9 and families with children in this age range who value safety, fun, comfort and creativity. 2013 will see Stikii develop a new series of shoes that will include both adult and infant sizes, as well as new Stik-em accessory collections. Upon our expansion into the adult and infant footwear markets, Stikii will begin providing one-of-a-kind shoes to consumers that are young mothers, educators, nurses, newborns and college students, just to name a few! The new line is currently in the design stage and will incorporate the same Stikii shoe design and microfiber EVA outsole that allows our Stik-ems to attach directly to the shoe, what could be better? We anticipate a launch date of June 2013 for the next buying seasons.

Comfort is one of the key elements in our footwear, and this year Stikii will introduce a new insole that shapes to the wearer’s foot (like a mold!). This new feature will not only set Stikii further apart from the competition, it will bring them to a whole new level of comfort!

Also new in 2013 are a few members of our team! The current and most talented Stikii team yet is made up of:

Joe Chew, CEO

Lori McCarthy, Vice President of Sales

Tony Martinez, Operation Manager

Steve Reamey, Media & Public Relations Manager

Christie Materni, Design & Social Media Manager

Morgan Bowman, Blogger & Copy Editor


We just know with all of these great minds working together, that we will do big things over the coming months.

In 2013 forecasts predict that we will increase shoe sales by 500%-1,000%, as well as increase the number of Stik-em accessories sold – a huge amount of growth compared 2012’s total sales, much of which will be a product of these new team efforts!

2013 has some amazing things in store for Stikii and its customers; we hope you will continue to check our blog and website for updates and information!