A Very Special Stikii Day!

Now I know we really got you with our big April Fool’s Day prank this past weekend, but besides being an international joker’s holiday, Sunday was also a very special day for Stikii. In fact, April 1st was Stikii’s birthday. No, we are NOT yanking your chain (come on, April Fool’s Day is over), we really are on a ROLL – figuratively speaking that is. As the days and weeks fly by, Stikii continues to reach milestone after milestone, whether it be expanding on an international level, or putting a smile on one more child’s face.

While the idea, design, trademark, provisional worldwide patents, test production runs and preparation took several years to perfect, we consider Stikii’s birthday to be the day when Stikii took possession of its very first pair of shoes – December 1, 2011. Thus, April 1 marked Stikii’s fourth full month of operation, or its 4-month birthday! Now we really know what is meant by the statement “time flies when you’re having fun”. At Stikii, we are having a blast each and every day.

Although we are just getting started, we are already prepared to give back to the community that has helped us to arrive at this very crucial point in Stikii’s life.  It has been said that it is “better to give than to receive”, and at Stikii, this is a motto we take very seriously.  Since our very beginnings, we have found it important to support local organizations, to follow the Golden Rule that emphasizes “treat others the way you would like to be treated”. We appreciate the support given to us, so we must return the favor!

We have had the privilege of supporting the following organization, groups and projects in just the last 120 days:

Junior League – Chocolate Soiree silent auction.  Inside sources tell us our shoes went for 2.5 times the retail price!  Great for the charity, and a sign of things to come for Stikii.


American Red Cross – Stikii donated a pair of shoes to the chapter in Bowling Green, Ohio, for use in a fundraiser.


Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank – Stikii donated a pair of Stikiis to this organization.

B’nai Israel United Synagogue Youth Group – We were a raffle item at their annual Purim carnival.  Stikii would like to thank Max Kaufman and the youth group for their service project!


Sunrise Gymnastics Academy Boosters – Stikii stopped by an SGA meet and surprised the athletes with our shoes, the Stikii Mobile and some “all-around” fun. Stikii was proud to sponsor this event.

St. Catherine of Siena School – Stikii organized a food drive for several of the elementary-aged classes. The winning classroom received a pizza party and a pair of Stikiis each, and the food was donated to those in need!


Whittier Parent Teacher Organization – Stikii volunteered at the PTO’s Nacho/Bingo night. We passed out balloons and key chains, and raffled off a pair of Stikiis. All proceeds went to benefit the Whittier PTO.

Taste of the Nation –  On Sunday, April 29, Stikii will be at the Toledo Club sponsoring the Toledo Taste of the Nation! Taste of the Nation is Toledo’s premier culinary benefit gala dedicated to ending childhood hunger.

Maumee Valley Country Day School – Coming up in May!

As you can see, we have been pretty busy giving back! Don’t see your name on this list but would like to? Just ask! If you have an activity or event that is deserving of a visit from the Stikii Mobile or Chew Bear, Stikii’s mascot – just say the words! Or perhaps you would like a member of the Stikii Team to stop by with our giant green inflatable Stikii? We can do that too!! Whether it’s a youth group, sport league/event, kids club, activity or any other can’t-miss attraction, Stikii will do its best to be there for you.

Check out these photos of previous events that Stikii has made appearances at and note that this could be you!


Whittier PTO Nacho/Bingo Night



St. Catherine of Siena Food Drive Winners



Stikii’s visit to Sunrise Gymnastics Academy


To schedule an event with Stikii, direct all requests to:



We can’t wait to join you at your next event!!