The Man Behind the Shoe

When you think of  Stikii shoes, I’m sure that the first thing to pop into your head is a vision of that cute children’s shoe with all of the wild accessories. Or perhaps you think of the cuddly mascot Chewbear. But if you are anything like I am, I’m sure you are also curious to know a bit about the person who created this one-of-a-kind footwear. Was it a man or a woman? Is he/sh... »

Getting Our Brand to “Stik” in the Minds of Consumers

         Stikii is not yet a large, well-known brand with a big spending budget, but that’s no obstacle for us! In fact, we welcome the challenge. Big brands are not the only ones who have marketing power today. At Stikii, we believe that Buzz and Word-of-Mouth (WOM) marketing is what gives a brand, any brand, real marketing presence and power. Thanks to the great Mark Hughes and his Buzz Marketin... »

The Stikii 411

Shoes. They are a staple, a necessity, a luxury, a protector and an accessory. Search any closet and you are sure to find various colors, designs, shapes and styles, each purchased for their own unique occasion. Perhaps there is a pair for that fancy wedding you went to last June, or for that 5k you never ran. There is a pair that makes your legs look great, a pair that matches the suit your wife ... »

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