Calling all Kids! Stikii Kids Club wants YOU!

Tell us – what is more fun than a club exclusively for kids?? Not much we bet! That is why Stikii has decided to create its own special club, the Stikii Kids Club (SKC)! If your child is special, loves performing, modeling and dancing, being in front of a camera, or is just plain cute and adorable, we want them as members of our  Stikii Kids Club!

Stikii has already gained a tremendous buzz in the children’s shoe industry as well as across the country. Adding a special Kids Club to our agenda is the next step toward increasing that buzz even more. The Stikii Kids Club will be made up of a selection of children to be known as the 2012/2013 “Feet of Stikii” (an honor in itself, you can imagine). Professional photo and video packages will be utilized during the event and your participation may even land you a spot in future Stikii videos and promotional marketing. Your child could be the next Stikii Star!

The “Feet” of Stikii will be a prestigious honor for a lucky few kids; winners will receive FREE Stikii shoes, a variety of free Stik-em accessories for an entire year, a special membership card to the Stikii Kids Club and a Certificate of Participation.

 Here are some more details on how to get your child involved in the Stikii Kids Club contest:

Step One:  The Foot MUST Fit!

Print out the Stikii Size Chart, which is available in the SKC section of our website, or download directly right here –> Shoe Chart Download (when printing directly from this blog, you must ensure that the “ruler” IS 10″  for proper fit, test it by print yours out from the blog and lay a ruler on the paper and see if the printed ruler is EXACT) – follow the instructions on the chart to determine if your child’s foot fits into one of the Stikii shoe sizes. If it DOES, your child is eligible to enter the SKC contest!




Step Two: Photo

Next you must submit a photo of your child to with the following information:
Parents Name:
Child’s Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
*Photos will also appear on the Stikii Facebook Page

Contest eligible photos will include the properly filled out sign below, which should be printed and held up in the photo taken of your child (if unable to print directly from the blog, you can request a copy of this form by email We incourage all contestants to be creative with their photos! Photograph the child participating in their favorite activity, showing of a creative hobby, or making the silliest face imaginable, just be sure the sign can be easily viewed!  Photos may be submitted April 6, 2012 – April 22, 2012 (contest closes at midnight).  Winners will then be contacted via phone or email on April 23rd.




Link to “I want to be a Stikii Kid” form —>


Watch this quick, informational SKC Contest video for further instruction.

 Stikii Kids Club Video


Stikii has once again teamed up with the Whittier PTO to help run  this portion of the SKC contest.  Once all winners have been notified, and gladly accepted their place in the club, Stikii plans to hold a Stikii Kids Club VIP party at Whittier Elementary School on April 30, 2012 (event will take place in the auditorium from 4pm-7pm). The event will include a professional photo shoot of all winners modeling Stikii shoes. This event is PRIVATE and exclusive to Whittier students only. There will be other event that will include the public, to be announced soon.

These photos will be uploaded to the Stikii website and visitors will have a chance to vote for their favorites between May 1-7th.

From the group of photos, three winners will be chosen to be part of the very first Stikii Kids Club! These top three will be the “Feet of Stikii” for the year and receive the prizes previously stated, among other special treats.  They will also be internationally recognized on the  brand new Stikii Kids Club web page, check it out here: 


Along with the three winners, two honorary members of the Stikii Kids Club have been appointed. Both youths have preserved and overcome obstacles to show that we are all just kids! Regardless of ability or disability, advantage or disadvantage, all kids love Stikii shoes, and Stik-ems too! The 2 new members are:

1. Nicholas “Coley”, a student at Byrndale School in Toledo, is afflicted with Spina Bifida and couldn’t have been more happy when he realized that not only were Stikiis super cool, but they fit over his leg braces comfortably as well!

2. Pretty Boy Bam Bam, a shining star at Toledo Christian Academy and a celebrity youth boxer. Bam Bam is set to promote Stikii at his next fight on June 30, 2012, while representing Stikii as an official Stikii Kids Club leader!





To add your name to the invite list, please email and indicate that you would like to be invited to enter the Stikii Kids Club open auditions! Further questions can also be directed here.

Why can’t shoes be fun?!?