Shoe “Show-Offs”

As many of you are aware, Stikii recently attended the Children’s Great Event Shoe Show in Teaneck, New Jersey. The show took place Tuesday, February 21 – Thursday, February 23, 2012 at The Marriott Teaneck at Glenpointe hotel.  Stikii team members who traveled to the east coast for the event included Joe Chew (President and Owner), Tony Martinez (Sales and Marketing Coordinator), and Hal Yaffe (Business Development Manager).For all who attended, the experience was unforgettable.

Each day of the show the team woke up early to set up the Stikii display and booth. Hundreds of buyers would pass by throughout the event hours and we did our best to flag down prospective buyers and pitch our awesome product to them. This method was so effective that we even managed to set up a few meetings. Stikii had the opportunity to meet with Footwear New Magazine and New York Family Magazine as well as an online distributor that has over one million members – we are currently in the planning stages of doing a humongous sale with them over the next few months! How very exciting!

Attendees of the event include big names such as Timberland, Stride Rite, KSwiss, Steve Madden, Polo, Kenneth Cole, Keds, DKNY, Guess Kids, Hello Kitty/Sanrio, Crocs and so many more!

All in all Stikii received really great feedback. A distributor all the way from St. Louis, MO knew about us and our product, which means the Buzz is definitely spreading fast and reaching far! This distributor mentioned the possibility of taking Stikii on as a new line in their product assortment which would be fantastic – especially because they sold over 45 million shoes just last year! The fact that we caught their attention amidst so many other brands really says something about our brand and our team.  We are definitely making some noise in the shoe industry and many other brands know who we are and what we bring to the table. Now it is our job to keep our brand fresh and to keep these companies on their toes.

What we took away from the event was a lot of great and interested feedback along with various new and significant contacts. It looks like Stikii is positioning itself well enough to expand through the Eastern and Midwest markets in the near future. We also anticipate our product being available on a national sales level by the end of this year! Our involvement in the show could not have occurred at a better or more opportune time. Stikii is stronger, smarter, closer, better informed, more exposed and more experienced thanks to just the three short days of the Children’s Great Event Shoe Show. The Stikii Team has definitely graduated to a new level and we are more ready than ever before to make a “footprint” in the industry. We will definitely be attending this show again in the future.

America, watch out! Stikii is coming!