Stikii Goes to School!!

On Thursday, March 9th, from 6-8 PM Stikii visited Toledo, Ohio based Whittier Elementary School as a part of their PTO Bingo/Nacho Night.  The event was held in the auditorium in the new and beautifully constructed building of the school. The sole purpose was to help raise money for the school/PTO.  Stikii arrived early to set up a display table in the southwest corner of the auditorium.


At around 5 PM (early!) a few children began to arrive, and that was when we realized it was going to be a long and rewarding evening. The kids seemed to naturally gravitate toward our Stikii display, even middle school students! The balloons helped to catch their eyes at first, but even after Stikii ran out of balloons, the children continued to come to our table, look at our shoes, comment on the Stik-ems, ask if we were giving them away, wondered what they were made of and more. The students, parents and faculty were all very excited about this new shoe born in their hometown!

As the night progressed, the auditorium continued to fill up until there were nearly 500 (a rough “guesstimate”) people in attendance! The atmosphere was loud and happy, filled with enthusiastic children, interested adults, the voice over the microphone announcing bingo numbers, and the stomping of excited feet at every corner. Our Stikii balloons were everywhere you looked – floating in the air, one the floor, in hands….you get what we mean. Stikii gave every parent a Stikii Shoe key chain, and nearly every child received a balloon.


The event was pretty amazing. Watching the kids go crazy over our shoes gave the Stikii Team a sense of pride and reassurance, that “if you believe, you can achieve”. We hope our story will resonate in the minds of the students, reminding them hard work and going for your dreams can pay off.

Stikii helped to end the night on a high note with 3 epic, show-stopping maneuvers. First, Team Stikii’s marketing brains (Tony) grabbed the microphone and asked the Whittier parents to vote for Stikii in the Walmart Get on the Shelf contest on their cell phones (if you would like to do the same, text 744 to 383838). Next, we rallied all of the kids together and filmed them yelling “Vote for Stikii Now!”. And finally, the night concluded with the toss of Stikii balloons in the air, as they showered our Team with support and love.  The event truly was inspirational.

In other news, Stikii has received some samples of its new Stik-em’s! The accessories are not available for sale yet, as we are currently testing the product to make sure that they are up to our standards and perfect for our customers. We are looking to add a Stik-em category of letters and numbers (A-Z and 0-9) that will allow shoe owners to design words, phrases and number combinations on the product. We think kids will love creating their names and nicknames, or even showing of a number in support of their favorite athlete! They are a great way to customize the shoe, not to mention educational – these fantastic Stik-ems can be used for reading, spelling, vocabulary, and math lessons, and more!

 We are also experimenting with a new line of Stik-ems made out of a rubber material. They resemble stamps and are super colorful and fun.

Finally, Stikii completed its meeting/conference room. It’s bright and vibrant and sure to get your creative juices flowing. Check it out below!


Don’t forget to vote for Stikii in Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” contest. A Vote for Stikii is a Vote for Ohio! You can vote online at or on your cell phone by texting 744 to 383838! Remember, you can vote every day – once online and once on your phone! Keep those votes coming, we appreciate your support.

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