Stikii is Leaving its Footprint in the Minds of Consumers

WOW! We have had an amazingly busy past few weeks. Things are happening so fast at Stikii, sometimes it is hard to keep up (not that we are complaining, we love it!). Toledo and the surrounding areas have been so very supportive of our brand, it is amazing what the faith of a community can do for  entrepreneurs like us. Stikii would like to give a big shout out to all those who believe in us, we are where we are because of fans like you!

This past week was packed with events, interviews, and news stories for us. At the beginning of the week the Stikii team headed to the East Coast the Children’s Great Event Shoe  show where they displayed our shoes and Stik-em accessories for a very excited crowd of attendees. We will have a more detailed re-cap of this event later this week, but for those of you eager to know, Stikiis were a HUGE hit!

Even while we were away at the trade show, the excitement surrounding our product in Northwest Ohio continued to build at full speed. Kelly Heidbreder, of WNWO Ch. 24 featured Stikii in an exclusive segment that aired this past week. To check out the interview with Stikii creator Joe Chew, just follow this link:

The WNWO story was such a success that the segment was even picked up by the German children’s shoe blog : Kinderschuehe! What a rewarding experience this has been! Stikii shoes have gone GLOBAL! Here is your chance to view this blog from across the Atlantic Ocean

 Not only has WNWO joined the Stikii buzz, but WTVG – ABC has also picked up on the craze as well! To view this video where the news team also mentions Stikii’s upcoming “Get on the Shelf” with WalMart contest, click here: http://

 Finally, (as if there could be any more good news, right?) check out this entry by local blogger “A Wrestling Addicted Mommy”. They posted a fantastic review on Stikii recently. We really appreciate all of thir support!

Again, Stikii would like to emphasize their thanks to the local community. Having roots in Toledo has definitely been a blessing! Stay tuned for more Stikii news and updates. For more information, check out our Facebook Page,!