Stikii Presents a FAB Deal!!

Stikii fans, boy do we have a deal for you! This Wednesday, June 20, 2012, Stikii kicks off its online retail event with! Get ready
for a one-of-a-kind sales event. was recently voted one of Fast Company Magazine’s choices for Hot E-retailer of 2012, a pretty flattering compliment. According to an article on Fast Company, “started as a limping social network for gays but pivoted into a wildly popular hub for shoppers. Fab grabs consumers with a meticulously curated array of neat stuff. Before visitors know it, they’re design junkies”. In fact, the retail powerhouse was valued at $200 million in less than 6 months!


Jason Goldberg & Bradford Shane Shellhammer – two of’s co-founders

Fab considers themselves to be “the marketplace for discovering everyday design”. Their mission is to be the most valuable design resource around, and to make their customers, partners and employees SMILE on an ongoing basis. Fab is available to both North American and European online markets. They offer new and unique product deals on a daily basis, in a variety of categories. They are known for their reputation – Style. Check out what makes Fab so different and exciting:

Ten Ways That Fab Is Unique

  1. They believe that they are building something much more culturally important than a store. Sure, the store is pretty cool, but they aspire to develop deep emotional relationships with customers.
  2. Fab believes that great design is everywhere — in every country,
    in every product category, and at every price point.  Design isn’t just about precious objects, rather it’s about making great objects approachable and affordable for everyone. Fab is everyday design.
  3. The team’s mission is to put stuff on the site that makes people
  4. They build all of their own technology.
  5. They are constantly pushing the envelope at the intersection of social + commerce + content. 
  6. They hire smart, ambitious, creative people who are ready to live the Fab culture.
  7. They challenge others to recruit away employees. That challenges them to build the best, most rewarding, work environment in the world.
  8. Their customer service reps are Crackerjacks!!adjective:
    a person or thing of exceptional quality or ability.
[changed from crack (first-class) + jack(man)] Their job is to make the world smile.

9. They’re transparent. They are keen on sharing data and stories about the company’s development. After all, the more you know about them, the more you will understand their way of doing things.

10. Despite rapid growth, they spend most of their time internally
           celebrating their challenges. Challenges only make you stronger.’s website has a unique layout that not only allows you to browse the featured daily sales, but also allows you to see what is “trending” and what your friends are buying!  The design is similar to that of Pinterest. Categories of products include Art, Furniture and Lighting, Gifts and Gadgets, Home, Kids, Kitchen and Pantry, Men’s, Pets and Women’s. features daily design inspirations and sales at up to 70% off retail. All of the items up for grabs are unique and creative.

Stikii has teamed up with to offer you a super special deal through their e-commerce site. Members can purchase 6 different colors of Stikiis and 12 different packs of Stik-ems for a top-secret sale price. Our partnership with Fab is further proof that the Stikii lifestyle is catching on and spreading across the feet of children everywhere. It is no easy task to get a product approved on, they have a high rejection rate. But one thing is for sure, they love the Stikii style and are convinced it will make you SMILE. The Stikii promotion starts on the Wednesday, 6/20/12, at 7:00pm EST during the company’s “Kid Shop”.



To take advantage of these daily deals, all you must do is visit and sign up for a FREE membership! Hurry and join now, so you don’t miss Stikii’s FABulous
event!! SMILE. You’re designed to!