Stikii Shoes and Special Footwear Needs

Stikii Shoes was started with the goal in mind of making shoes fun for kids. Children love bright colors, comfort, and most of all toys. Over the years we have noticed that these shoes have the ability to change the lives of children with special footwear needs. Stikii shoes have a wide opening so children wearing Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthotics (HKAFO) are able to slip into them. These shoes are comfortable, fun, and easy enough for children to put on themselves.

Stikii Shoes Life Changing Story – Meet Nicholas

Benefits of Stikii Shoes

  • Most HKAFO slip into Stikii Shoes
  • We offer a variety of colors
  • Shoes are customizable – Add your child’s name or favorite animals
  • Memory Foam Insole – Adapt to the foot and provides extra cushion
  • Easy lacing
  • No hassle slip on with our wide opening
  • Less expensive high quality shoes

Stikii Shoe Design

To learn more about the shoe design visit Anatomy of a Stikii