Super Wednesday – Vote 4 Stikii!!


Yes, we are well aware that yesterday (March 6) was Super Tuesday. For all of you who voted in your local elections, we thank you. It is always important to vote, especially when the issues hit close to home and can directly affect you and your loved ones. That being said, we ask that beginning today, March 7, (now known as SUPER WEDNESDAY) that you vote for Stikii in the Walmart “Get on the Shelf” contest. This type of voting may not be truely political and may not seem as substantial to you, but truth it, it is still a very important issue especially especially for Ohioans.

A vote for Stikii in the “Get on the Shelf” contest is equivalent to a vote for Ohio. If Stikii wins, this will bring numerous jobs to the state of Ohio, helping to stimulate our local economy and lower the unemployment rate, not to mention the great publicity it will be for the region. Polls open today and we ask you, if you want to help Ohio and Stikii, to please vote. You can access the polls by visiting

Many powerful people are on board to help Stikii and Ohio to win, over 220 people actually! And the number continues to climb daily.  Even Mayor of Toledo, Mike Bell, has climbed on board the Stikii train! Check out this press release for more informatin —>

First round voting ends on April 3, 2012 which gives us a little less than 4 weeks to secue a spot in ROUND 2. So again, Stikii, Toledo and the state of Ohio ask you for your support. Visit WWW.OHIOWINS.COM now to cast your vote for Ohio jobs and a new take on footwear!