Kids in Capes

Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Stand Out

“Oh, he’d wear a cape to school if I let him…”   Or:   “My daughter would wear a tutu and a pair of cowgirl boots to class given the choice.”   I hear sentiments like these all the time—parents who think that their children’s wardrobe choices are funny, albeit creative, but they’d never in a million years let them actually wear them out in public. After all, what would all the other kids... »

Spineabifida Doesn’t Have to Stop Your Child From Having Fun

Stephanie is 11 years old. She loves to go swimming, swing on the swing set and play with her friends. She has big dreams about going to college, becoming an oceanographer and studying ocean life so that she can better learn how to protect it. Her parents are very supportive of her dreams and they take her on boating expeditions and to aquariums all the time.   Like you, Stephanie has a lot o... »

HeatStikii SafetyStikii PhotoGrid_1401478447100

Heat Safety Awareness

With temperatures rising it is very important to stay safe in the summer heat. Making sure that you are prepared is important to us at Stikii Shoes. Here are some tips for you and your loved ones that will help them stay cool and safe. Keep your home, office, and car cool. Pull down your blinds to help keep the sun from shining it. The sun will warm up a home and make your air conditioning work ov... »


Stikii Shoes and Special Footwear Needs

Stikii Shoes was started with the goal in mind of making shoes fun for kids. Children love bright colors, comfort, and most of all toys. Over the years we have noticed that these shoes have the ability to change the lives of children with special footwear needs. Stikii shoes have a wide opening so children wearing Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthotics (HKAFO) are able to slip into them. These shoes are co... »

Stikii and Zulily

Zulily Sale – 3 Days Only

Guess what Stikii lovers?!?! Stikii is partnering with Zulily again! We are excited to announce starting on February 28, 2014 and continuing through Sunday March 2, 2014 Stikii will be offering some of our amazing Stikii Shoes with Select Stik-Ems at a special sale price! Here is a sneak peek at the items that we will be offering for sale at! Not familiar with Zulily? Continue readi... »

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