Foot Health & Safety Awareness

The month of April is recognized as National Foot Health Awareness month in the United States. In celebration of this, Stikii will focus some of their upcoming blogs on tips and information to help you keep your feet healthy and safe. After all, we only get one pair of feet, so they must last us a lifetime! According to the American Podiatric medical Association (APMA), most Americans log an astou... »

The Anatomy of a Stikii

As you may already know, we wear shoes to help protect our feet from not only everyday use, but from hazardous objects, stubbing our toes, and more. The shoe works as a sort of protective “armor” around the foot and helps to make walking, running, standing, sports, etc. more comfortable and safe. Shoes are also seen as an accessory that adds to an outfit, which is where all of the different styles... »

How Do Our Feet Function?

The human body is like a complex machine, there are hundreds of different bones, muscles, joints and systems that must work together to help us function properly. Many of these elements team up to allow us to perform even the most simple actions, such as brushing ones hair, scratching an itch or jumping over a puddle. When most people think of the more complex functions of the human body, they oft... »

New Year, New Team, New Endeavors at Stikii!

With the first month of 2013 coming to a close Stikii has made some changes set to put us on the fast track to a fantastic year. 2012 saw us break into the children’s shoe market and offer consumers a product that is not only comfortable and ultra-lightweight, but fun and unique. There really is no other shoe on the market that is comparable to our Stikiis and Stik-em accessories.  Stikii products... »

Happy Anniversary Stikii!

December 2012 marks Stikii’s one-year anniversary of being in the shoe business, and oh what a year it has been! The past 365+ days have been a whirlwind of excitement, shoe sales, surprise and gratitude. So much has happened and we have so very much to be thankful for. In celebration of this milestone, we thought we would take a look back at the last 12 months (and those leading up to it) and ref... »

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